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About Us

H2Oman was formed when it’s founder saw the need to provide healthy drinking water for every human being, in every corner of Oman and the greater region.

Under the trade name H2Oman we have established ourselves to be the leader in distribution of highly advanced Atmospheric Water Generators.

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) extracts moisture from the air and converts it into clean, pure and alkaline drinking water.

Water, essential for all aspects of life, is the world’s most valuable commodity and is becoming increasingly scarce.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide pure drinking water to all the people that need it most. Provide this new water source to remote villages, agriculture, and to provide critical emergency pure drinking water to first responders, relief agencies and government institutions.

To be the leader in distribution of highly advanced, quality Atmospheric Water Generators for Home, Office and Commercial use.

We will always strive to serve our customers with the utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction.


The vision H2Oman is to significantly reduce plastic bottle waste across Oman and the GCC in general. By providing the technology to support this, sets H2Oman aside from other brands.

We dedicate ourselves to be the partner of choice for any company or organisation that shares our vision of reducing plastic waste and associated carbon footprint due to mining raw materials, manufacturing & filling bottles, transportation to wholesalers and retailers, and finally consumers.

This vision will be accomplished by sharing responsibilities thru planning and decision making within H2Oman and with our partners.