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Required Documents to apply for credit & credit options.
The credit options are for the 30 litre per day HR-90HE only.

Financing provided by Al Omaniya.


Credit Options

1. 31 OMR / month for two years.
2. ⁠56 OMR / month for 1 year

Required Documents to apply for credit.

Salary Certificate – شهادة الراتب
Id Card/Expat Passport Copy – البطاقة الشخصية
Bank Account Statement for 6 months – كشف حساب بنكي اخر سته اشهر
Cheque Book – دفترة شيكات بعد الموافقة
Quotation From H2Oman -عمانH2 كوتيشن / عرض الاسعار من
Water / Electricity Bill Copy – فاتورة الكهرباء / او الماء للعنوان