Commercial Atmospheric Water Generator 100L – EA-100E

1-year limited warranty. 2 years on compressor

Commercial & Industrial Series

All of Industrial/Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators can be mounted on trailers and equipped with their own power generators, filtration systems, water, and fuel storage tanks. Our machine has fully operational, self-contained, and self-sufficient Mobile Air & Water systems. They are easily transported while producing up to thousands of gallons of fresh pure drinking water.




Other information

  • Volt: 220V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Total Power consumption: 2.7KW
  • Water production consumption: 2.0KW
  • Cooling consumption: 125W
  • Heating consumption: 500W
  • Working temperature: 15-38℃
  • Working humidity: 45-95%
  • 100 Liters/day generated at 30℃& 80%RH
  • 10-stage filtration and sterilization
  • 100 Liters of storage capacity
  • Sanyo compressor
  • LED display screen
  • Hot & Cold pure water output

Noise level <75dB